About 42stripes

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with life?

Always working and studying on how to improve your business?

Running through life and spending all your time on pursuing your dream while completely neglecting your private life?


If you can’t remember the last time you unplugged and lived in the moment…

If you can’t remember the last time you ‘stopped and smelled the roses’….

If your days go by so fast that you can’t find some free time for your friends and family…

Or you just thought to yourself – ‘what friends, what family, what free time’…

Than this is the right place for you.


Find tips and ideas on how to better balance your private and business side of life, how to better organize and spend time offline, or just dive in some meaningfull conversations on different aspects of life.


42stripes is an online place dedicated to finding the right balance between offline and online life OR private vs business life in order to achieve better quality in life and therefore happiness. 


Or basically a blog about slow-living.



42stripes blog content is produced by Marina – a long-time blogger, crafter and co-owner of a content agency. Same as you, she struggles with developing her business while at the same time making an effort in enjoying life to the fullest with her long-time partner and their two cats.

If you wish to advertise on this blog, co-operate, feature some of the content or have any other questions or propositions, feel free to contactme@42stripes.com


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