According to Wikipedia, Chamomile is known to treat hay fever, inflammation, muscle spasm, menstrual disorders, insomnia, ulcers, gastrointestinal disorder, and hemorrhoids.

There is also evidence that chamomile possesses anti-anxiety properties so it can be used to treat stress and insomnia.


And just like with Marcel Proust and the taste of Madeleines that has special meaning for him, chamomile tea has a special significance to me. It brings out memories of my mother, my childhood…

Although those memories are maybe not the best ones, since chamomile tea was what mom used to make me, when I was ill, it still brings a certain comfort and nostalgia.

Chamomile was my moms go-to tea when I would wake up in a middle of the night with pain in my ear, or eye, or urinal infection, or lack of sleep…

I drank it, I inhaled it, I was bathed in it.

The light smell of chamomile was always there through my childhood. Especially at night. And, I hated it for a while. I really did.

Because, for me, at that moment, the smell of chamomile reminded me of sickness and pain.

Then I grew up. And my mom died.

Suddenly, chamomile tea became something that reminded me of her.

Of times and times when she would wake and get up in the middle of the night to prepare me a soothing chamomile bath and make the pain go away. Those moments are now so much more appreciated. And missed…

Chamomile tea still takes my pains away. But now, it’s mostly the ones emotional nature.

When I need to calm myself, or I need some comfort, I take my old cup, the same that mom used and make myself some chamomile tea. I close my eyes and drift away. And the smell of the chamomile gives me a warm hug, just like my mom used to…

Actually, I think I’m gonna make some right now.

What is your ‘Madeleine’ memory?

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