The only sport activity that I really like is riding my bicycle. However, there are things that I hate which prevent me from riding it daily.

First of them is the fact that I live on a 13th floor and my bike fits in only one of the elevators available. And we only have one button to call the elevator. We can not choose which elevator we call. It comes by itself using some stupid and non-logical code so I can never know which one will show up. If the smaller one shows up, I have to send it to some other floor before pushing the button again in hopes that the bigger one will come.

Because of this, I sometimes wait for 20 minutes just to get out of the damn building with my bicycle and it’s frustrating.

Second thing are the people – or actually crowds. I hate riding in the crowd. I love riding to my workplace, and I mostly can get to my work in 30 minutes. Same time that I spend waiting for the bus, riding in a bus and walking to my place of work. Plus,¬†biking is more fun and more active. But, I hate the part where I get into a crowd and can not ride because ‘walkers’ walk around like flies without heads. Frustrating.

Third thing Рwhich is maybe the worst is that I sweat a lot. Really. A lot. So by the time that I come to my workplace, my clothes is wet and I need to change. That means carrying extra clothes everyday. Hate it.

Fourth thing that prevents me from riding my bike is weather conditions. I love riding my bike, but I’m not one of those people who can drive in rain, snow, wind etc. Kudos to them, but I need my weather to be stable, dry and not drop-dead hot.

When I put all of these things versus my love for riding my bike, my will is mostly broken by the bad stuff. So, I end up riding my bike for maybe one month per year in total, mostly during spring/summer period.

Such a shame, because it’s such a lovely way to spend time offline. And it can save you money.

Do you like riding your bike or have any other activity which you love but other stuff prevents you from enjoying it as much as you would like?


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