Have you heard what’s the latest trend in dieting? No?! That’s ok. The trends are changing so quickly that by the time you hear about it, there is already a new scientific study that proves it wrong.

However, one new idea is emerging above the noise. Ok, maybe not so ‘new’ but still, ‘new’ when it comes to trends.

Apparently, it turns out that our parents and grandparents were right (again). You should eat everything in moderation.

You should eat those veggies and that soup, and that meat, and that bread, complete with its gluten content. Don’t skip on that fat, nor forget about milk.
Off course, if it’s homemade (or ‘aunt Becky’ brought it from her farm), even better.

Scientifically proven, if we eat more diversity food, we will have more diversity in our gut bacteria which is better in the long run. Our gut bacteria plays a big role in our weight loss/gain, not to mention a ton of illness which are specifically connected to our gut.

This is also an extra proof to my long-loved theory that even a poison is good for you in small dosage because you develop immunity (kids, don’t try this at home).

But, as with every other diet, this one also has (at least) one huge flaw. It has been noticed that people who are allowed to eat everything in moderation, tend to eat more ‘junk’ food and avoid fruits and veggies or basically diversity as it is. After a while they stick to very boring and narrow menu.

I believe that every single person should try a few different diets, listen to their body and decide for themselves what suits them best.

Just try not to stick to one food group, or one boring menu which you repeat every week or two.


Explore, be open-minded and try new things, but don’t over do it.

Right now, avocado is a huge hit. And, in my country, we haven’t had it in our stores till a year ago. Avocado is great, guacamole is super yummy, but it still doesn’t mean we need to eat it every day.

Human body is amazing and there are tons of ways that parts of our body communicate with other parts.

Our body is communicating with us but the only time that we listen is when it’s in pain.

Stop doing that and listen to your body everyday.

If you feel energized and nice – what did you do? What made you feel that way?

It’s important to know what makes you feel good, what makes your body and your gut and your mind feel good. Once you find that out, the only thing left to do is – repeat.

Keep in mind that it’s not only the food whats influencing your body and your weight. It’s also the area that you live in, how much you move during the day and if you excersize.

For example, same diet can work differently if you live in Alaska in comparison to living on Hawaii.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? If you live in an area where the temperatures are below zero, your diet should consist of more carbs and fat, while if you’re living in super warm climate, you can easily be on a diet that mainly consists of fruits and veggies.

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