World has gone crazy over the new ‘Pokémon GO’ game. Like with every other thing that makes such a huge success, people either love it or hate it. Middle ground is hard to find.

Personally, I love it. I think it’s amazing to finally have a game that you don’t have to sit at home to play. It’s amazing that you can finally use augmented reality, even if it is just to play with it.

I see a lot of benefits from this game. It can be played by children as well as by seniors in a nursing home.

However, like with everything else, there are people who will blame the game for their own stupidity.

We all know that we have to look left and right while crossing the street, and that we have to look in front of us on the road, if we are driving any kind of moving vehicle, so blaming the game when you get in an accident because you were hunting Pokémones in the middle of the street is not the games fault. It’s your own. So own it.

How can you as individual benefit from the game

The basic game story is pretty simple. You have to go outside and search for pokémones. Than you have to collect them all. By finding Pokéstops all over town, you collect Pokéballs, potions, eggs etc. When you level up, in time, you can go to the Pokémon Arena and fight with other Pokémones. For more info on playing the game, go to official Pokémon GO page or search for groups and forums in your country.

So, in order to play this game, you need to go outside. Finally, you don’t have to be stuck in front of your computer screen, but you can move and go play outside.

When you find Pokéstops, you will also find the ones where someone activated ‘Lures’ and there you will also find other players. Without thinking twice about the age, shape, race, looks, people start to interact about the common subject – what level they are on, which pokemon is very close by etc. So, it basically connects different generations and, in future, might make people be more open-minded for interactions with people they might not even notice otherwise.

If you want to find all the pokémones available in your country, you need to visit new places, not just the same home-to-work path or around-the-block area that you usually walk by. That means you’ll be more inspired to visit near-by lake or hill, or generally take that road-trip you kept postponing.

In general, I see lot more benefits to this game than against it and am looking forward to see where it will take us next.

What are your thoughts on Pokémon GO?


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