2018 is almost here. We have survived another year, and another year is in front all of us. How will we spent the time in 2018 is mostly on each of us individually.

Though there are always things that you can’t influence, there are things and decisions we can all make, and incorporate in our lives that will make next year a little bit better than the last one.

Since a lot of 2017 was marked by my tummy aches (especially last few weeks) I have decided to make my NY2018 a little bit better by taking on a challenge – a food challenge.

Almost two years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 which was not a big surprise for me since my mother had it and I knew it was just a matter of time before I got it too. But, then I was also diagnosed with GERB and high cholesterol. When you put all of those on paper my diet plan became super confusing. One thing that was good for diabetes is super bad for GERB and vice versa.

With a help of pills, I managed to somehow lose a few kilos and put things under control, but stressful life, busy schedule and laziness took their toll.  Past few weeks were especially hard on me because I love Christmas and eating a bunch of cookies (and food in general), so not being able to enjoy the holidays in their full light was sad. For the first time in my life, the pain of upset tummy was bigger than my love for Coke and sweets.

Browsing through thousands of recipes in a quest of making a new diet plan which will be easy for me to prepare and stick too as well as enjoy it, I found a list of 50 foods which are announced as the healthiest and decided to come up with a challenge to make all 50 of them during next year. I also plan to document it with a photo and a recipe in which I used it.

Here is a list of them to make it easier to track:

  1. Kale
  2. Collard Greens
  3. Watercress
  4. Swiss Chard
  5. Bok Choy
  6. Spinach
  7. Arugula
  8. Brussel Sprouts
  9. Carrots
  10. Cabbage
  11. Broccoli
  12. Cauliflower
  13. Lemons
  14. Bell Peppers
  15. Asparagus
  16. Mushrooms
  17. Tomatoes
  18. Ginger
  19. Strawberries
  20. Sweet Potatoes
  21. Zucchini
  22. Artichokes
  23. Blueberries
  24. Brazil Nuts
  25. Goji Berries
  26. Grapefruit
  27. Beans
  28. Beets
  29. Kiwi
  30. Watermelon
  31. Pomegranate
  32. Onions
  33. Flax
  34. Cucumber
  35. Green Peas
  36. Cherries
  37. Chia Seeds
  38. Celery
  39. Pineapple
  40. Apples
  41. Jicama
  42. Tangerines
  43. Garlic
  44. Oats
  45. Pumpkin Seeds
  46. Mango
  47. Peanuts
  48. Walnuts
  49. Bananas
  50. Almonds

Can’t wait to get this party started :)

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