Do you ever find yourself cramming up a list of things to do some time later in life?!

Stocking up on magazines and books that you’ll read when you’ll have time… bookmarking articles that you’ll read someday and classes to take some time in the future… pinning away DIY and crafts to try out some day… and so on, the list continues.

The list of things that you will do some day, but not today. Or, in one word – procrastinating.


Well, hey, newsflash ‘amigo’ – the time is NOW. We only have one life and your living it NOW.


However, this state of mind is not completely our fault. Since we were kids, grownups kept telling us – you’ll do that when you get older. Then we became teenagers and kept on telling ourselves – I’ll do that when I grow up. Then we become young adults, but we are still actually waiting for that grown-up state of mind (which some of us never grow up to).

However, at some point it becomes clear that with some things we are still waiting to do them. 

We are still waiting to grow-up (although, 40’s are knocking on the door)… or to loose weight… or to have more time to read that book that is still waiting by the bed…. and we keep delaying doing all that stuff for no good reason what so ever. We learned to procrastinate and breaking out of the rot is so not easy.

But, we need to stop procrastinating. Lets just stop. Lets just do it.


What is one thing that you keep delaying?

It can be something as big as starting a new career, following some passion or as small as crafting something. What is on your to-do list, or your bucket list, for waaaaay too long?

Pick one thing that has been long overdue and just do it.


How to break out of the rot and just do things


  1. Start right now!

Make a step in that direction. It could just be a small step like writing a list of supplies that you need for that one craft you chose, or it can be making a list of steps that you need to make to achieve some bigger goal.


  1. Put a date on it.

Make time for doing the thing by marking it down in the calendar. Schedule your time for doing the thing and then stick to it.


  1. Stick to the schedule.

Be careful with scheduling your time. Be realistic with your plans. If you know that you are tired every evening when you get home and you schedule to do the thing in the evening, you’ll be more likely to skip on the schedule. Better solution is to reserve every other evening or just one evening a week.


  1. Reward yourself.

Every time that you stick to your schedule or accomplish making a new step on your list, reward yourself. Let the award match your goal. It can be something small as treating yourself with a cup of spiced coffee, or maybe something like a spa day after completion of bigger tasks.


And next time that you stumble upon something to pin or bookmark, do it right away or schedule it in your calendar.


Ready, set, go! ;)


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