It’s incredible how difficult it is to complete the puzzle when you have health issues. I always thought that your primary doctor should be the one who looks at the whole picture and discovers what’s wrong with you. But, it actually seems my doctor is here to give me a recipe or a referral to a specific doctor, mostly based on my own requirement.

And even though most of the doctors ask for my medical history when I first approach them, I never felt as if they took the whole picture while giving me some treatment.

A dermatologist who diagnosed me with Alopecia was the first person that said I should consider mutual cause for all my conditions and look at the whole picture. So, I’m trying to do that. I’m trying to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together.

  1. puzzle piece – Diabetes type 2 – inherited from my mother
  2. puzzle piece – lifetime struggle with sinuses – still lots of mucus, though after two nose surgeries I can at least breathe.
  3. puzzle piece – high blood pressure and heart rate – inherited from my mother
  4. puzzle piece – kidney stones – inherited from my mother
  5. puzzle piece – GERB and reflux – courtesy of this crazy world
  6. puzzle piece – alopecia androgenetica


In last few weeks I managed to get tons of tests and the main news was that I have a very low dose of Vitamin D – which can be the cause for a lot of my diagnoses.

I still await gastroscopy, densitometry and probably a tracer of some nodes in my thyroid gland.

I do have some new therapy recommendations, so my next big issue is my diet. I am very confused about what I’m supposed to eat. My biggest concern is that the food which is supposed to be good for my diabetes is not perfect for my stomach issues and vice versa. And I’m mentioning only these two conditions with the food because I think they are my main issues. If I would involve a diet for kidney stones or high blood pressure, the things get overwhelming.

I think I need a good nutritionist.

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