Slow-living Christmas gifts don’t necessarily mean slow or boring gifts, as it might sound like when you first hear about it.

Actually, quite the opposite, slow-living gifts are the ones that will make a person stop with everyday life and activate around the gift itself, mostly doing something enjoyable alone or with their loved ones.

Here are my top 10 Christmas gift ideas:

1. Subscription boxes – My favorite experience is getting my monthly box subscription, so why not gifting an experience like that to your loved ones. Read more about subscription boxes in my post – Wonderful world of Subscription boxes

2. Craft box – let’s inspire our loved ones to move away from computers and mobile devices by giving them a craft box. Pick a subject and fill it up with tools necessary to make a DIY project.

3. Grill set – one of the best way to spend time with friends and family is a barbecue for the whole family. Grill set of tools with a barbecue cookbook and a chef apron is a perfect way to encourage that kind of meet-ups.

4. Bottle of Vine and Box of Chocolate – maybe someone would prefer a night on their own, relaxing with a bottle of wine and some artisan chocolate. Simple and always welcomed gift.

5. Homemade ediblesChocolate Bark, Boozy Bacon Jam, Homemade Granola, Cookie in a Jar, Spiced Pomegranate Gin, and so much more can be found on Pinterest search for Edible Gifts and it’s definitely a gift no one will say No to. Include a recipe too for extra cheer.

6. Plants – make your loved-ones life healthier by gifting them plants that improve air quality. Don’t forget to attach instructions for caring or maybe even recommend an app for that.

7. Cinema Voucher or Theatre Tickets – vouchers and tickets for the event are always appreciated and will give the gift receiver an obligation to go out and use the voucher instead of sitting at home role playing as couch-potato.

8. Pampering box – for those who are always busy and occupied by their work, pampering box might remind them they need to take care of them too and not just about their business.

9. Kindle – it’s getting harder than ever to pick up a book and read. By providing your loved ones with a mobile alternative which they can use anywhere, you might inspire them to spend some time in the magical world of fiction or non-fiction. A gift card from Amazon for some e-books is a perfect add-on.

10. Cocktail set – inspire your loved one to learn something new by providing a learning set – a how-to book, tools needed to make a cocktail, a bottle of alcohol with a recipe for a cocktail – everything they need to start right away.


When we talk about slow-living gifts, it’s all about experience – a gift that will give that person a reason to spend some time in his/hers life doing something different, valuable, or simply enjoyable.


How to make any gift a ‘slow-living’ gift

You can remake almost every gift into ‘slow-living’ gift by adding a purpose to it.

Let’s say you want to buy a cookbook for someone. Cookbooks are a nice gift, but let’s be real, most of the people will look through it once or twice and then it will be put on the bookshelf until further notice.

However, if you pack that cookbook with an apron, wooden spoon, some cookie cutters or anything else that the person might use while making a recipe from that cookbook, you add value and a reason to be reminded of the cookbook next time that person uses the apron. A good example would be healthy cookbook packed up with a bouquet of broccoli. I’m sure they won’t be able to look at another broccoli ever again without remembering the cookbook.

Another good example of making a ‘regular’ gift into a ‘slow-living’ one would be gifting a restaurant voucher with a tie instead of just gifting a tie because you automatically give that person a reason to go out and wear it.

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