Sometimes I feel less.

I feel like – if I’m not directly changing the world, I’m not worthy.

And I’m not alone in feeling this way. We all felt it in some stages of our lives.

At some point, we start to think about the meaning of life.

Meaning of our own life.

Why are we here, in this world.

Lot of people turn to faith, some keep pursuing their careerers, and some even turn to cults.

And all that just to find some higher meaning… some higher purpose.

But the thing is – no matter how ‘small’ your life seems to be to you, your life is important and just by living your life the best way that you can, you can make a difference and a great impact on the world.

Thomas Edison mother was ‘just’ a housewife, ‘just’ a mother, but by doing just that thing – living her life and raising her kids the best that she could do, the world had Thomas Edison and not just another misunderstood child.

Thanks to her mother, the world also had Temple Grandin, and who knows how many other persons.

The point is, we all make impact on others, we are all pieces of domino and play important part in how that pieces fall down.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not believe that there is some grand scheme which we can not escape and that all thing has to happen in a certain way, that we can not escape our destiny.


But, I do believe that every one of our decisions take us on one of the paths and they may, or may not lead us to some final goal.

It’s all up to us.

But our paths are intertwined with others.

Whether it is a brief encounter on a train, or a friendship/relationship that last forever, we will make our mark on others and they will leave their mark on us.

So, instead of trying to find that bigger meaning, just live your life to the fullest.


Dream, take action, be nice to others, do your best in whatever you do and you will live, you will be happy, you will inspire change in others.


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