I have been thinking about this for some time. For past few years, more and more movies are made about all kind of catastrophes – floods, earthquakes, viruses, zombies etc.

It seems like we are all awaiting for these things to happen, even the ones that are highly unlikely (like zombies, right?). But than I noticed that I actually enjoyed fantasizing about some catastrophe which will force me and my loved once to get on a journey that will completely change our lives – no jobs, no money, no internet…

Of course, I don’t really want a disaster to happen. I don’t really want a lot of people to die, but I do think that we are globally starting to feel overwhelmed with our lives and are craving for a change.

Therefore, when I saw this fab video by Nature-RX.org, I completely found myself in it and had to share it here. Hope you enjoy it and take this advice. Reserve some time for nature this weekend.



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