My love for subscription boxes started one year ago. I heard about it from a friend who were hooked up on monthly delivery of her favourite beauty box.

Curious about this concept, I immediately ordered one for myself. And the one for my best friend. And then I tried a couple of more different boxes. Right now I’m on a yearly subscription of LookFantastic beauty box. It’s my favorite so far.

I’m also experimenting with some other themes. But lets talk about subscription boxes in general first.

What is subscription box?

For those of you who are not yet familiar with this concept, it’s actually very simple – some companies are offering their products or a selection of other brand’s products delivered to your door for some monthly fee. The most popular are beauty boxes, but you can also find food, geek, clothes, books etc. The catch is that beside the theme, you don’t actually know what will be delivered.

Are subscription boxes right for you?

You got to understand that you can not control what you’ll get in your box. Well, not completely.

When you’re choosing a subscription box it’s good to check what kind of stuff they sent in their previous boxes – they usually have some photos on their website or you can check their hashtag handle on Instagram – there are always users who shared their boxes with the world. But the beauty of these boxes are the fact that someone else will pick the stuff for you.

And, if you like surprises (like me) then you’ll have no problems with accepting that.

Why I love subscription boxes?

You know that feeling when you get xmas or birthday present all wrapped up in a nice box. And you have no idea what’s inside… You suspect, but you don’t know… And you’re opening it up… And you sneak a peek… And then you love it or hate it…

Well, that’s what you get with subscription boxes. Only differences being that you’re paying for it and that you can have it delivered every month, not just on that special dates!


Subscription boxes that I have tried so far:

lookfantastic-beauty-box – this one is my all time favorite so far and I have yearly subscription so I have to make a separate post just for this one.


WOWBOX – you get assortment of japanese candy, some chocolatey goodness and usually something salty. It’s really fun because I can’t actually try this stuff in my country otherwise. It’s good quality items and I liked most of the stuff I got.


MyGeekBox – this is very good value for the money because you can get cups, t-shirt, figurines, comic book, stickers etc. And it’s perfect if you’re into ALL the geeky stuff. My problem was that it ranges from Marvel to Hentai, and I am not a fan of everything, so I would get one item that I loooooved and like 5-6 that I can totally live without or even had no idea what they were about, but I would still recommend them for real geeks out there <3

Subscription boxes that are still on my To-Try list:

HappyMail – lovely stationery picked by my favorite bloggers Beautiful Mess <3

Love with Food – snack box with organic, all-natural and gluten-free snacks

Okashi Connection – japanese candy

Japan Crate – more japanese candy

And some more japanese candy – I think I’m obsessed :o

I might try Quip too – you get toothbrush and toothpaste delivered every 3 months <3

Glossy Box – beauty box

Birch Box – another beauty box

CrateJoy – they have various themes

DollarShaveClub – for my man and my hairy legs :o

PopSugar MustHave – trinkets and tidbits

Coffee box – where have you been all my life <3

PMS package – OMG, I really need this one

ipsy – beauty box – currently, they don’t ship to Europe

+ there are new ones popping up every day


Have you tried any? I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!

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