So, I have this friend who lost 10 kilos in two months just for cutting soda drinks out of his diet. I also cut soda drinks from my life, but haven’t lost those 10 kilos.

The difference was that he used to drink at least 0,5 L of soda drinks every day and I used to drink maybe 0,5L per week or less.

But I did cut on white sugar and lost 5 kilos in one month. Now I’m on stable 71 kilos and I just signed up for a GYM. Wish me luck.

Anyway, point that I’m trying to make here is that there is no one easy solution suitable for everyone. In order to lose weight you first need to pinpoint the thing that is making you over your desirable weight.

Ask yourself – what do you eat? What do you drink? When? How big are your portions?

How much time do you spend sitting? Or walking? Do you exercise?

How about your health? Is there some type of food that makes you feel bloated? Are you lactose intolerant?


Try to avoid health trends and think about stuff that feels good to you

I started a food journal. After losing first 5 kilos by simply cutting white sugar out of my diet, I’m trying to find what other items I seem to be eating that end up with pain in my stomach.

First thing I noticed is that pasta doesn’t suit me, my stomach loves oatmeal, lactose doesn’t bother me (which is great cause I love milk) and I shouldn’t drink coffee every day (and if I add some milk to my beloved black coffee, my stomach is less upset).

It also seems that I should avoid minced meat. Based on the things that I find, I’m planning to make diet planner and stick to it.

You can write your own food diary in Evernote, Excel sheet, plain paper notebook or anywhere that suits you best, as long as it’s by your side most of the time.

Write down the date, time and meal (make a description that will give you general view of ingredients). Write down everything, even that cookie that you snatched while walking thru the kitchen.

Also, make notes whenever you feel bloated, have very soft stool or any other problems with digestion.


After a while you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what it is that’s making you feel bad

For example, maybe you’ll notice that you felt bad after pizza, after bolognese pasta and after shakshuka, but when you had pasta with pesto you felt good. Conclusion might be that tomato sauce is the problem and not the pasta or pizza dough which are usually blamed.

If you changed your diet or are already eating healthy ingredients, and have problems with losing weight, the problem might be in portion sizes or the fact that you sit all day in front of your computer.

I don’t need to point out the solutions in those situations, right?


Take a trip to doctors office and check your health

If you eat right, in small portions, multiple times a day and you exercise, but nothing seems to be happening, take a trip to doctors office and check your health.

With knowledge of what exactly is going on with your body and what food/style of life works best for you, losing weight and feeling good about yourself will be natural and much easier path to go thru.


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