After coming back from our vacation, one of our ‘new-beginning’ decisions is always to spend more quality time together (offline).

Since both of us have jobs which require us to be online for 8+ hours per day, we know we got to do some serious changes in order to spend more time together AND more time offline.

Every week we need to schedule one date-night (just the two of us), one family-night (hanging out with our family) and one me-night (each of us spend some time offline without the other one – he goes to play football with guys and I meet a friend for some ‘chit-chat‘).

Three weeks IN, we are usually able to keep up with our decision and it’s making a huge difference. But then something happens. Whether one of us gets ill, or we run into some tough project with crazy deadline, and all our plans fall apart. But we are not giving up.


Do YOU spend too much time online?

If you spend a few hours per day online, no matter if your working or playing games, but your family and friends don’t fell neglected nor your work suffers, and you really enjoy it or need it, stop feeling guilty and keep spending that time online.

But, if you notice any of the following signs, it means YOU ARE spending too much time online and you should do something about it.


1) You forget what time it is and don’t even notice whether it’s sunny or snowing outside the window.

2) You get cramps or back-pain from seating too much.

3) All the members of your family says that they feel neglected (not just your mother) by you.

4) You haven’t seen your friend for awhile.

5) You don’t have a friend to ask for a coffee right now.

6) Your apartment could use some mop, but you just ‘don’t have time for it’.

7) You feel guilt or anxiety if you’re not constantly checking your e-mail or twitter feed etc.

If you checked at least 2 of those, start thinking about what you can change.


How can YOU spend less time online?

Here are some general tips. Feel free to browse this blog and check again for more tips on this topic.

1) Find a hobby that doesn’t require online connection – it can be any craft or DIY, cooking, gardening, some kind of sport or simply hanging out with friends or family

2) Have at least one date-night per week – it can be with a friend or  family member if you’re not in a relationship.

3) Go out by yourself and check out that exhibit or that restaurant that you wanted to visit.

4) Just go outside, sit in a park or grab a coffee and watch people go by.

It doesn’t matter what you do offline. It doesn’t have to be something ‘glam’ or ‘Instagram-worthy’. If you have problem staying offline, you have to start with small things.


Anything that will keep you distracted from online connection for at least half an hour /day is worth doing. 

Any tips, suggestions or questions on this subject? :)


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