Although, basic goal of this blog is to achieve better quality in¬†offline life, I don’t want anyone to get the wrong conclusion, thinking that I hate my online life or that I generally hate being ONLINE or the almighty World Wide Web.

I don’t, I love being/existing/spending my time ONLINE, so here is a list of my favourite things to do ONLINE…


1) I love blogging

I started my first blog in 2004. and since then I have had several different blogs of which some were quite succesful at the time.


2) Pinterest

I looooove browsing Pinterest. I use it from their first beta version and I love that they keep developing this wonderful and useful tool.


3) Instagram

I am very visual person so Instagram is my fave social network. I tried Twitter but it was like a big chat that I couldn’t keep up with without spending waaay too much time on it.

I love taking photos of my personal life and interesting stuff that I find offline, so I guess Instagram is actually good for working on my offline life ;)


4) Games

Since my first contact with the computer and DOS version od ‘Prince of Persia’ I loved playing games. I tried a lot of different types of games, but my favourite are the ones that have beginning, goal and the ending. Although, at this point my addiction is Coral Isle on Facebook.


5) Feedly

I love being informed and I follow so many different subjects so this RSS tool is one thing that is alway open in my browser. From daily news to biz education, I spend a lot of time on it.


6) Google it

How cool is the fact that any information is just a few clicks away? New generations will never be able to fully appreciate this wonderfull option.


7) Discovering new restaurants/events/people

One thing where online can help you build your offline life is this. I always have a list of places and events that I need to visit/see and I just love crossing them off the list.


8) Connecting with friends

Although the connections that older generations had were probably stronger, you basically had no other option, you were stuck with the friends you made in school and work etc. The circle of friends have grown and it’s only up to us to make those connections more or less strong.


9) Educating

Again, I will repeat myself and say – how cool is the fact that all the informations are just a few clicks away?

Whether you want to learn how to cook, how to craft something or even how to run your business, you can educate yourself online and mostly at no cost at all.

Also, you can sign up for online courses which are held by the person from other time-zone. Education is out there, and it’s only up to us, to keep up and learn.


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