Sometimes, I get so involved in my online world that I forget what to do offline.

My favourite excuse is that I have only half an hour to be away from my computer so it’s not long enough to do something offline.

I forget that there are those small things which can improve the quality of my life if I only spend 15 minutes on them.

So, here is the list. I might edited it from time to time.

Feel free to add your suggestions in comments. Or use it as inspiration to spend that 15 minutes on something offline instead playing games or browsing online.


One thing you can do today to improve your offline life:

  1. breathe – sit on the floor, take of your shoes, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Or open your window and take a few deep breathes.
  2. downward dog – little bit of yoga – this is the basic asana
  3. take a seat on a grass
  4. walk barefoot
  5. go out – to a caffe bar, drink coffee and watch people passing by or just sit on a bench for a few minutes and watch the life around you
  6. plant something
  7. bake a cake or a crumble – there are simple ones which really don’t take you longer than 15-30 minutes
  8. clean the oven – it’s great when you want to punch someone
  9. floss – dental hygiene is important
  10. enjoy the silence  – if there is too much noise around you, put on your headphones and some light, peacefull music. It’s important to unplug sometimes.
  11. drink a smoothie – vitamins and minerals are good for your body
  12. stare at the sun – especially important during winter months. If there is a sunny day, take a few minutes and bathe in the sun.


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